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Moon Circle

Moon Circle

  • schedule varies according to moon cycle each month
  • Starting June 3rd, 2019
  • $15 per session

A gathering for stillness, reflection, and connection in rhythm with natures moon cycles.

Sacred time and space to deepen into stillness with supported meditation practice,

allow contemplation with the power of putting words to paper,

and be a witness to yourself and others while setting intentions/releasing

in a ceremonious way with each new and full moon.


Come as you are, dress comfortably, bring a journal (optional), and please plan your arrival early (doors lock and doorbell disconnects at start). No drop ins due to space limitations but feel free to contact Christina the same day for spaces. 

This is a space for feminine identified or any gender connecting with sacred feminine energy; although it is not restricted to women-only, it is a sacred feminine space. Open and affirming to all belief systems. 

What to expect in this practice: forming the circle with a check in, an introduction of meanings/associations of the current moon phase and season, a guided meditation (based in mindfulness, yoga nidra, or visualization), a moment for personal reflection and writing, then we witness each other sharing (optional) our intentions (and burning our writings in our center caldron), a small ending meditation/connection, and check out to release the circle. Here is more about the moon circle:

If you’re curious and interested but still unsure – reach out! Christina welcomes your inquiry. 

$15 a session (sliding fee scale options available upon request)

10 people max due to space limitations, preregistration and advanced payment required (no refunds can be issued)

Typically, we gather on “Moonday Dias Lunes” or Mondays, closest to the new and full moons from 7:30 – 9:00pm 

Contact Christina Sprayberry or 314-550-4384 (text)

Pre-registration is required, please contact Christina to register.

For more information, contact Christina Sprayberry, LCSW

Wellness Seminar, December 2019: Intentionally Creating Peace

  • Saturday, December 14th, 2019
  • 3pm - 5pm
  • Beverly Therapists, 10725 South Western, Chicago, IL 60643

Just as a single candle lights up a dark room, each of us has an inherent power that can create peace even during the hardest time.

In this workshop, we will come to understand how we create from our intentions and beliefs. We will learn the power of transforming fear into hope, and ways to hold and foster our dreams for peace. We will share our intentions for personal, community and world peace and hold a collective meditation to amplify these intentions. We will create a community prayer flag together, as well as individual origami peace cranes to take home.

Weather permitting, we may go outside together to hang our peace flag and to send healing peaceful energy to the earth and all of its inhabitants. Please dress warmly.


About the presenter:  Lisa Catania, LCSW has been a therapist in private practice for over 25 years.  She is a co-founder of Beverly Therapists. She believes that with love, everything is possible; that peace starts from within each of us; and that we are the change we seek.  Lisa can be reached directly at 773-719-1751.


Register here.

For more information, contact Lisa Catania, LCSW

Wellness Seminar, January 2020: For Couples: Shifting Communication Patterns

  • Saturday, January 11th, 2020
  • 3pm - 5pm
  • Beverly Therapists, 10725 South Western, Chicago, IL 60643
  • $10

‘I just want to be heard’, ‘why won’t they listen’ ‘what I said was…, and you heard…’, `why can’t we just get along`

All common concerns I hear from couples all the time. Many times, in relationships individuals become overwhelmed with their emotions and preconceived thoughts, and have grave difficulties expressing and listening to their partner. This hinders the ability to share feelings and needs due to the fear of conflict, which causes distance and distrust.

Learning and using effective communication skills improves communication and insight, enables partners to identify patterns, and shift the outcomes of one’s relationship.

This workshop will teach an emotionally-focused approach.  Kanosha will lead participants in an open discussion about communication in their relationships, define primary and secondary emotions, and learn an emotionally-focused approach to communication.  Please register with your partner, $10 fee for each person.


About the presenter:  Kanosha Leonard, LCPC has been a therapist for 16 years, in private practice for 3 years. She loves helping clients create a sense of homeostasis. Her advanced training in Gottman’s model of relational therapy allows her to help couples navigate through the difficulties in their relationship. She can be reached at 773-490-2540.



Register here.

For more information, contact Kanosha Leonard, LCPC

Wellness Seminar, February 2020: The Hidden Trauma in School Struggles

  • Saturday, February 8th, 2020
  • 3pm - 5pm
  • Beverly Therapists, 10725 South Western, Chicago, IL 60643
  • $10
  • Limited to 10 participants

The Hidden Trauma in School Struggles: providing psycho-education and support for parents and teachers of students

Many parents and educators struggle to understand trauma and its impact on social, emotional, and academic functioning of their children/students. Traumatized children are often able to mask their symptoms and present themselves as if they’re doing fine. This will unfortunately lead to children slipping through the cracks.

Having a solid foundation of trauma-based behaviors and how it can present differently in each child will allow parents and educators to accurately identify and provide support for their children/students.

This workshop will provide a solid foundation of trauma, different presentations, as well as identifying maladaptive ways that school age children attempt to cope with it. This ultimately will increase your awareness of trauma-based behaviors in school settings and provide practical solutions you can utilize to support your child/student.


About the presenter:  Claude King, LCPC, AMFT has been a therapist for 6 years and private practice at Beverly Therapists for 1 year.  Outside of Beverly Therapists, Claude works in a high school setting providing individual and group counseling for students and providing support for teachers and paraprofessionals. A majority of his experience is working in low SES communities of color with clients presenting with complex trauma, depression, anxiety, and anger management. He can be reached directly at 630.474.2557.

Register here.

For more information, contact Claude King, LCPC

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