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Beverly Therapists is constantly growing and invites experienced licensed clinical professionals to inquire about joining our group. We highly value diversity and community. We invite clinicians with experience in family, couples, child and group therapies to contact us about current opportunities. We welcome professionals who embrace their own individuality and creative professional path. Professionals must be licensed as a LCPC, LCSW, or LMFT with a minimum of 5 years experience post graduate clinical experience.  Already being paneled with insurance companies is a huge plus, however we mentor therapists who are new to private practice to “learn the ropes” in a mutual investment with each other.  

Please read our Mission Statement, and if it resonates with you, please email Beverly Therapists’ co-founders at

Mission Statement: Beverly Therapists is a counseling practice that embraces, encourages and empowers individuals in their journeys towards self- acceptance, authenticity, and a greater sense of freedom in their lives. We are a group of therapists deeply grounded in empathy, respect, and integrity which is reflected in our ongoing commitment to our professional dedication and own inner work.

We are invested in supporting our neighborhood communities. We strive to understand the collective struggles and needs of the communities we service; and, in turn, contribute to awareness of possibilities, services, resources and hope. We are active in a resourceful and giving way. We are involved in community initiatives; we network and collaborate with other local resources; we are members and contribute to community organizations; we outreach to the community in supportive and inspirational ways. We are constantly growing in our community involvement with the hope and goal to be present and easily accessible when community members are struggling and are in need of support. We are responsive, caring, responsible, ethical professionals. We are service oriented, putting the needs and growth of our clients and the community first. We are happy to refer out to other agencies and professionals in the best interest of any person seeking support. We are happy to look at how we might grow, in the parameters of our specialties, to meet the community’s needs.

We are devoted to creating a community within the practice wherein each therapist feels valued and supported. We have monthly team-building meetings. We believe in mentorship and collaboration. We are all learners and teachers and have so much to offer each other. We believe in professional excellence, and know the path has everything to do with being imperfect yet having the bravery to grow through vulnerability and stretching ourselves. We value fairness, and have developed an independent contractor’s agreement which reflects valuing your professional skills, loyalty, and contribution with the needs of running a strong professional sustaining business. We are invested in nurturing and growing your professional identity, confidence and pride.

We seek to partner with professionals who want to make a difference in the world. We are passionate, fierce, imperfect, loving individuals supporting each other as healing professionals.

Would you like to join us?

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Our Best,

Lisa, Jennifer and Pat 

Beverly Therapists

Beverly Therapists