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The Importance of Celebrating LGBTQ Pride

June 30th, 2017 by

With more gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people living openly over the last decade, one might think that Pride is outdated and no longer necessary. Yet, a brief Google search reveals a different reality. Gay and lesbian young people are more likely to engage in self injury, bisexual young people face increased stigma within both the heterosexual and LGBTQ communities, and targeted violence towards transgender people remains high.  Celebrating Pride this June is more relevant than ever. Pride month celebrates lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) identities through community events: allowing us to be out and proud of who we are, thus decreasing our likelihood of being a statistic mentioned above. We need spaces where we as LGBTQ people can feel safe and see others like us that show us the depth and breadth of our community.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Health, LGBTQ people are three times more likely than others to experience major depression and anxiety ( A fear of coming out, family rejection, limited education/employment opportunities because of discrimination, and even physical violence may lead LGBTQ individuals to remain quiet about their sexual orientation and gender identities. For these reasons and many more, our local community needs to be a part of the larger conversation and implement actions working towards increasingly just and accepting Beverly/Morgan Park/Mount Greenwood neighborhoods.

All over the country, Pride events during the month of June include small and large activities such as parades, book readings, family-friendly trips to the zoo, youth-specific dances, and more. By providing us with a welcoming and affirming environment, we as LGBTQ individuals can come to a better understanding of ourselves and integrate all of our identities to lead a healthy, happy, and productive life. Chicago has activities all month long, and into July, celebrating the huge diversity of our community: the LGBTQ Pride Parade, Black Pride activities, Trans Pride beach party, Latinx Pride activities, and so much more.

In Beverly, there have been a couple LGBTQ-affirming activities that have taken place recently that celebrate Pride. A local group, Beverly Area Connect, Protect, and Activate, held a community event, “Gender Identity: A conversation about transgender and gender non-conforming people.” In addition, the Beverly Art Center has showcased Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus for numerous shows.  Finally, two local organizations provide space for LGBTQ youth. Beverly Therapists hosts GROW and Gendernauts ( This monthly meet up for LGBTQ and gender exploring high school-aged teens provides a space to talk, connect and build community. And, Mirjam Quinn and Associates is forming a group to support to LGBTQ middle school youth

Want to be an Ally to LGBTQ people in Beverly, Morgan Park, and Mt. Greenwood? Check out these local and national organizations and join the efforts!

  • Affinity, org
  • Project Fierce,
  • Transformative Justice Law Project,

About the Author

Bonn Wade is a clinical consultant, trainer, and psychotherapist practicing out of Beverly Therapists. They* are the former Director of the TransLife Center at Chicago House. In addition to direct service, Bonn is the co-founder and former associate director of UCAN’s LGBTQ Host Home Program, an appointee on Cyndi Lauper’s Forty To None Project advisory board, and also serves as a board member of The LYTE Collective, and Task Force and Community Services. They consult / train locally and nationally around LGBTQ Youth Issues, Trauma Informed Care, Positive Youth Development, Youth/Adult Partnerships and hold the vision that every youth / adult in Chicago deserves a safe and stable home to not only survive, but thrive. Bonn holds a master’s degree from The University of Chicago’s School of Social Service Administration. *Bonn uses gender-neutral pronouns they/their/them.

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