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A Therapist’s Choice and her Poems in Motion

September 26th, 2018 by

To my Dear Readers,

A few newsletters ago, I wrote on the Gifts of Psychotherapy from the depths of my heart. It’s an article for you to contemplate on the complex processes of psychotherapy, for introspection of your emotions and relational experiences.

In writing poems, I pondered on a similar topic after my body screamed at me about slowing down. I was at a heart-centered hypnotherapy internship training, deep in the farmlands of West Bend, Wisconsin when I asked myself, “what do I need at this time?” The answer was unequivocal:  self-love, self-care, and self-expression, as opposed to living a life wilting into oblivion. In addition to external relationships, my body and my mind were tugging at my soul strings to cultivate a relationship with myself, with my faith, and with the natural world around me. I needed an expanded level of consciousness and humility to conclude that I am important, and yet am also a fraction of the entire sum of importance on our planet.

As a psychotherapist, I have always been interested in and moved by the energy behind spoken and written words, expressions and language. Furthermore, I am fascinated by symbols, geometries, metaphors and imageries. In writing poems, I look to the rhythm and the magnificence of nature as metaphors to evoke the human condition, imagination, emotions, sensations, and thinking.

In sharing these poems with you, I hope that you too can find your words, imageries and expression for your own self-care. So please, place your hands at your heart center, take three deep breaths to slow down and to reconnect with yourself. You may turn on a meditative music to play in the background.  Clear your mind before you engage in reading. Use all of your senses to be in these places. Keep on breathing as you read. Take another deep breath when you are done. Notice, how these poems resonate with your life experiences.
Imagine…just imagine—a reposed lake,
tucked somewhere & nowhere; here & there,
cradled by the ancient amber earth,
its water steeped in darkening shades:
blackened amidst the cloud covered sun;
and a belly full of life force,
tranquil while relenting to the softly shifting and crossing winds:
rippling by allowing, surrendering, consenting…
Breathing to the symphony of the whispering trees, song birds calling and insects clicking,
Imagine…just imagine, moments of flashing serenity—
in the dense of grief.

A brook, a stream, a snaking body of water,
expanding and contracting,
birthing the majestic river—
seemingly poured down from the jugs in heavens,
As only Gods can do,
O loveliness, precious enigma,
Amazon & Thames & Mississippi,
River Nile and Zambezi:
witnessed by rainbows, mountains and moonlight,
obstructed by banks and gorges,
Are you enraged, inflamed, peaceful, depleted or simply sluggish and bogged down?
O loveliness, precious enigma,
Still, you beckon and dazzle with humility, nourish with dignity—
Still, you pulsate in stealth,
To where kisses from the mystical open sea await…

*I lovingly dedicate these poems to my clients, to my colleagues at Beverly Therapists and to my teachers and fellow seekers at the hypnotherapy internship training. Our collective consciousnesses and unconsciousness plunged me deeper into the abyss of my soul while at the same time have allowed me to transcend higher to see more clearly the purpose and meaning of my life. I love and cherish you more than any words can speak*

About the Author

Aida Pigott, LCSW is an associate of Beverly Therapists and a master Reiki healer. The foundation of her work is informed by her extensive training and experience in psychodynamically-oriented psychotherapy where listening to her client’s life experiences is of utmost importance. She is trained in EMDR, energy psychology and is certified in heart-centered hypnotherapy with The Wellness Institute. She is a passionate student of the altered state of consciousness where she believes hold promises for major life transformations. Over the years and, through her learnings, Aida has created her own spiritually rooted healing modality which includes the excision of emotions long trapped in the body, gaining insights, changing limiting beliefs and eliminating unwanted behaviors. Her work with her clients also involves intuitively seeking answers through trance meditation and intense dreams. Her working model provides an arena where her clients have loomed larger than their traumas, obstacles and life difficulties. Aida is especially interested in working with individuals who wants to discover the beautiful and the dark poetry of their souls so they can live their lives truthfully and free from the binds of illusions. In addition to seeing her adult clients individually, Aida is currently facilitating  two Grief, Loss and Recovery groups at Beverly Therapists.  

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